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Celebrating 25 years of Service to Photonics Industry25 YEAR LOGO

Welcome to advanced photonics

advanced photonics, since 1989, have been a premier representation and technical solution providing company in India in the field of PHOTONICS . We represent several reputed North American, European and Israeli companies for their products in India. We provide complete solution for researchers in the field of Laser Spectroscopy, Reaction Kinetics using optical methods, Fluorescence Studies, Optical Tomography etc. We integrate and install high energy Femto-second Multi-pass Amplifiers, OPA, OPO, Scanning and Fixed Autocorrelators, motion control systems. Our role is to suggest, procure and indent equipment for our customers. We offer system/setup integration, and provide software solution for complete data acquisition and data analysis. We have specialized and highly skilled manpower to suggest solutions to our customers in the field of high-end instrumentation.


of excellence in the Photonics Industry